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Move over Porsche. The Audi R8 is a compact, sleek sports car described by Audi as ‘awe-inspiring from every angle’. Semantics aside, the visible engine through the window is nothing short of spectacular, boasting a subtle power alongside low running costs and an elegant exterior.

You’re probably thinking that premiums for this model will be horrendously expensive but keep reading to find out the average cost and how you could save.

Audi R8 insurance groups and cost by driver’s age

When it comes to car insurance, all vehicles are given a specific insurance group that ranges from group 1 (cheapest) to group 50 (most expensive) which helps determine the cost of your premium. Audi R8 models belong to insurance group 50.

You can find the insurance group, and likely cost, of your Audi R8 model in the table below.

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Model / Version Group (1-50) 20yrs 30yrs 40yrs 50yrs -
5.2 FSI V10 Quattro 2d S Tronic 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
5.2 FSI V10 Quattro 2dr S Tronic [Comfort+Sound] 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
Rear Wheel Series 5.2 FSI 540PS S Tronic auto 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
V10 540PS RWD S Tronic auto 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
V10 570PS Quattro S Tronic auto 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
5.2 FSI V10 Plus Quattro 2d S Tronic 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
5.2 FSI V10 Quattro Performance 2dr S Tronic [C+S] 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
V10 Performance 620PS Quattro S Tronic auto 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
5.2 FSI V10 Quattro Perf Carb Bk 2dr S Tronic[C+S] 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
Carbon Black V10 Performance 620PS Quattro S Tronic auto 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote
Decennium Edition V10 Performance 620PS Quattro S Tronic auto 2d 50 £2,058 £1,219 £1,068 £861 Get Quote

Average insurance rates for an Audi R8

On average, an Audi R8 can be insured in the UK with a comprehensive policy for a monthly sum of £147.36 – or a single annual payment of £1624.56. These results were calculated by aggregating car insurance quotes from a variety of companies.

  • To generate these quotes we used the following information:

    • The vehicle is a 2018 model
    • Manual transmission
    • Petrol
    • 1.2 litre engine
    • Factory fitted alarm system
    • The car is not modified
    • Used for social, domestic and commuting purposes
    • 10,000 mileage per year
    • The car is parked in a work car park during the day
    • The car is parked on a driveway at night
    • Owner is a 30-year-old, single teacher from London
    • Owner is a homeowner
    • Five years no claims discount
    • No driving or other convictions in the last 5 years

Audi R8 insurance cost by location

The table above shows the average cost of Audi R8 insurance based on insurance groups and driver age. However, there are a number of other factors that affect the cost of your car insurance premiums, one of the biggest being your location.

To show the power of the postcode, here are some average quotes for a 30-year-old living in three different locations. The quotes are for a Audi R8 5.2 FSI V10 Quattro 2d S Tronic.

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  • Expensive: £1,302 (London SE1)
  • Average: £1,219 (Newcastle NE1)
  • Cheap: £911 (Galashiels TD1)
  • These rates are based on the average cost of cover for cars in the locations shown. Our research suggests SE1 is one of the most expensive locations, NE1 represents an average cost location and TD1 represents one of the cheapest locations. Updated: March 2021 (source: Quotezone).

Get quote for your location

Which factors affect my Audi R8 insurance rate?

Along with insurance group, there are a number of key factors that have the biggest impact on your insurance premium costs:

  • Engine type and capacity. In general, the bigger the engine, the higher the cost of your insurance. As the Audi R8 models all come with a 5.2-litre engine, there is no reason to do a comparison between the models to see the impact engine size has on insurance quotes.
  • Driver location. Where you live helps determine the level of risk that your car may be stolen or you’ll be involved in an accident, and this affects the cost of insurance. For example, a 30-year-old in central London may pay £1,302 for insurance for a Audi R8 Rear Wheel Series 5.2 FSI 540PS S Tronic auto 2d, while the same 30-year-old in Newcastle may only pay £1,219.
  • Driver age. The younger you are, the more risk you represent to insurers, and the more you’re likely to pay for insurance. The average 20-year-old driver in London may pay £2,264 for the Audi R8 5.2 FSI V10 Quattro 2d S Tronic, while the average 40-year-old Londoner will only pay £1,282.

Other factors that influence the cost of your insurance include:

  • Your marital status
  • Your credit history and job
  • Your car’s safety rating score
  • The model of your car
  • The age of your car
  • Your car’s security and any extra anti-theft precautions
  • Annual miles driven
  • Your driving history and activity
  • No claims discount

How can I save on my Audi R8 premiums?

Whilst car insurance is a necessary legal requirement, you don’t want it leaving you with an empty bank account. When searching for insurance, you’ll want to find the best deal for a price that’s within your budget. There are some tricks you can try in order to lower the cost of your premium, and we’ve listed them below.

  • Limit your car usage (where possible). Occasionally deciding to walk or get public transport, rather than using your car, can help to save on your premiums.
  • Pay annually rather than monthly. Whilst it might be scary to part with a large sum of money in one go, by paying annually you can save an average of £59.52 a year.
  • Install extra safety precautions. The safer your car is, the less of a risk it will be for companies to insure. By adding extra safety measures, you’re quite likely to lower your premium.
  • Don’t just accept your renewal quote. Although it might be time consuming, when it’s time for renewal make sure you shop around and don’t just settle for the renewal price given to you – there may be cheaper options out there!

Facts about Audi and R8

  • The name ‘Audi’ is actually the Latin translation of Audi’s founder, August Horch. In English, his surname translates to ‘Listen’ – in Latin, it becomes ‘Audi’.
  • Audi only opened a manufacturing plant in North America in 2016.
  • Audi was a pioneer in dual-clutch transmission. They first made an appearance in Audi rally cars during the 1980s.

Bottom line

The Audi R8 is a dream car, but you’ll pay through the nose to insure it. With that said, you can use the tips in this guide to reduce your premiums.

Frequently asked questions

  • Depending on the model version, you can expect a Audi R8 to reach a top speed of 205 miles per hour.

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  • No crash test data exists, and it has been suggested that, as a supercar, it is unlikely ever to be tested. As there are relatively few Audi R8s on the road, the experience of setting up a crash test process would not be worth the expense for Euro NCAP or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS).

    However, a number of features exist on the Audi R8 to preserve safety. A rear camera comes as standard, as well as several airbags (including two roof-mounted ones!) and the opportunity to install front and rear parking sensors. Ask your insurer what extra safety and security features you can add in return for lower premiums.

  • The UK standard car tax rate sits at £150 per year. However, you might pay more or less depending on your car’s emissions.

  • You can buy a Audi R8 from dealerships, online sellers or a current owner.

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  • It’s surely on plenty of people’s bucket list to own an Audi R8, but you’ll have to pay a lot of money to buy and insure it.

  • You can compare the costs of Audi R8 car insurance using any price comparison website.

  • The Audi R8 can be found in insurance group 50. This means it’s among the most expensive cars to insure.

The offers compared on this page are chosen from a range of products we can track; we don't cover every product on the market...yet. Unless we've indicated otherwise, products are shown in no particular order or ranking. The terms "best", "top", "cheap" (and variations), aren't product ratings, although we always explain what's great about a product when we highlight it; this is subject to our terms of use. When making a big financial decision, it's wise to consider getting independent financial advice, and always consider your own financial circumstances when comparing products so you get what's right for you.

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*Based on data provided by Consumer Intelligence Ltd, (July ’22). 51% of car insurance customers could save £388.64


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